This isn’t just about me bragging about going to Hawaii, I actually have a problem here.

I’m taking Duz to Hawaii for 2 weeks for his 40th birthday. We are both really excited! Usually our trips are either short notice or purposely unplanned. We don’t have itineraries, we don’t do packages and we’ve never gone to an all inclusive resort. Generally we head out somewhere, check out a few websites or brochures, visit a few of the known attractions and then we explore. I quite like this style of travel. Everywhere we’ve gone I feel like we’ve really been there, not just touristed.

But this trip to Hawaii is going to be different. The first week we’re checking out a few areas / activities maybe island hopping a bit. The second week we’re spending at a resort, maybe all inclusive, hopefully as close to a hut on the beach as possible.

So, enough of my babbling right ? What’s my problem ? Simple, there is so much to choose from! There are so many islands !

Some of the things we’re planning to do…
* Hiking
* Mountain biking
* Snorkel
* Scuba
* Veg on beach

So far from my research it seems practically every island has something to offer. I’m not at all sure yet how to narrow down the options.


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