I’m off work for 6 weeks. 30 work days, actually 28 work days because there are 2 stat holidays in that time.

Technically I don’t start until tomorrow because that’s when I would first go to work. But I’m rounding up.

I started a little sub-blog @ libertas.praxeum.net where I’ll be posting pictures and a little bit about what I get myself up to while I’m playing hooky.

So far the thing I feel most is what inspired the title of this post. Freedom : the power to determine action without restraint.

I’m not the kind of person who regularly (or ever) just exists, what I do, what I’m thinking has to be for something. I’ve gotten a lot done because of this but I’ve starved aspects of living as well. I am excited, enthralled with life but I think now there is something to be said for being quietly engaged in the moments of our lives, rather than bringing the full force of our being to those moments all the time.

I guess I’m using this time to find life, or explore it’s many forms and textures. Giving my mind freedom.


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