Lately I’ve been exploring lots of different things.

Some tech. stuff…
* AppleScript
* Ruby
* Temboo
* WordPress (themes, plugins, and more)
* Hootsuite

And some podcasts…
* NPR: Pop Culture Happy Hour – I love this one the best. I sanded and repainted a wall in my house this weekend (to turn it into a blackboard) and I mainlined this podcast while doing it. I laughed, I thought about things, I finished the wall.
* Revolutions – Mike Duncan from History of Rome returns!
* Welcome to Night Vale – Is really interesting. It’s a comedy but it’s not the standard Two Guys Talking About Stuff. It’s scripted and bizarre and awesome.
* Nerdist Writers Panel – Not so much to say on this one, writers talking to writers about writing.

Of course all this comes with the usual, “Gah there aren’t enough hours in the day” realization. And of course with all these things I’m exploring they generate even more things to learn about and play with.

That said, these aren’t really problems.

My favourite project is a little Quantified Self project I’m doing to gather different bits of data on and then see what I can see with it.


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