I have this small dyson vacuum. I have used it as our only vacuum since we bought our house (which is like 900 sq ft and mostly wood floors, but we have a dog and 2 cats)

I haven’t always emptied or cleaned it when I should but it has dealt with my abuse really well. A couple weeks ago it just died. The motor wouldn’t turn, power button just caused the unit to make a sort of sad R2D2 sad. 

So I did what anyone does these days when something breaks, I googled. I found some forum posts and a couple of you tube videos with some basic things to try like clean contacts, and cleaning the filter, check fit around some seals. Nothing worked.

I called customer service, but as I had never registered the vacuum and I wasn’t even sure when I bought the thing. After about 5 minutes on the phone they were shipping me a new motor unit and battery, free. Easy as.


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