It’s been a good year, it seems whenever I get some “down time” I take a few days to chill out and then I turn to reflection, comparing how I feel after some time away from work and normal routine.

This time around I’m really noticing that the pace of my “normal life” isn’t quite what I’d like it to be. After a few days of pondering that realization I settled on a feeling of intention, or lack there of.

Having ADHD and Dyslexia presents me with a few challenges in the reading and orgnaization areas. Both of these conditions impact executive functioning (for me, working memory is a particular struggle). I have a few good strategies, however I find it difficult to maintain using these strategies for more than a couple of weeks.

When I’m not working I seem able to keep ahead of what I want to do , how I’m getting things done. When back to work life seems to get ahead of me, I loose intention and end up chasing myself.

I keep thinking of Harry Potter (yes, nrrrrrd) and learning appirition… destination, determination, deliberation.


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