Part way through the year I decided to write down a few of the (fun) things I wanted to try and/or accomplish over the summer. I did this initially befcause I decided to take June off work and wanted handy reminder of various things to do besides chilling in the hammock or at the lakes (though those activities were also done, at length)

I kept the list going, adding a few around-the-house type things that I had been putting off but knew I’d feel satisfaction in getting done.

I’ve included a few of the items from the list below, it’s a good reminder to me that I have accomplished things I’ve set out to do especially when i’m getting too focused on things I haven’t done yet.

– Bike Park – lower angry pirate
– Bike Park – del bocca vista
– Bike Park – funshine rolly drops (cleared)
– Bike Park – skill area #4 drop
– Bike Park – Wednesday night delight drop
– Bike Park – Blueseum rock roll
– Bike Park – Clear Devil’s Club
– Bike Park – Clear Smoke & Mirrors
– Squamish – Man Boobs
– Squamish – Psueda-suga
– Squamish – Creditline
– Try SUP
– Swim in lakes around Squamish
– Start yoga
– Fix cat trees (strip and re-carpet and sisal wrap)
– Fix bathroom tile grout


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