I endorse these products / services even though they don\’t sponsor me (yet?)

Zombies, Run! I started running and shortly after started using this app. They’ve released it for lots of different phones and it’s excellent. You must try it.

Apple – I switched to Macs 6 years ago at the behest of my husband, never looked back.

Knolly Bikes – After a couple of seasons I replaced my first bike (see below) with a Knolly Delerium. I love this bike. The bike feels like an extension of my feet and hands, solid and wants to play.

Rocky Mountain Bicycles My first bike was a Slayer 30 (2008), it’s the bike that got me into an excellent sport and while I’ve moved onto other bikes after finally crashing this one out (on an epic A-Line crash) I still have the frame.

Timbuk2 Bags – I’ve been using these bags for years, they are solidly built and comfortable.

Retro 51 Pens – I like to write things down, it helps me to remember. I also like things that feel good, solid in my hands, these pens really fit the bill. I have two of the Tornado type one is bamboo and one is cross-hatched metal.


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