A few tidbits from my forays into taking writing a bit more seriously.

Scivener great app for Mac OS X. Originally I used iA Writer but once pieces got over a few thousand words I found myself needing a bit more structure and features, scrivener is excellent. It’s integration with DropBox lets me use iA Writer on the go on my phone and Scrivener when I’m working at my mac book.

iA Writer as mentioned above I really love iA Writer for iPhone and the Mac OS X version. It integrates with DropBox and iCloud, has a simple and clean interface and lets you just get stuff out of your head. Fantastic.

Snowflake method a good article on one of the methods for building up a story with a little structure so it doesn’t cave in on itself.

Ready, Set, Novel Writer’s Workbook I picked up this workbook in San Francisco and it’s really rekindled my desire to write things down, to frame and form them into something I can use and share with others.


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