Thinking about what I want to do with myself has me thinking about what I want from a job, what I think I have to offer, really about who I am. It’s been a pretty interesting and surprising experience.

I need a social aspect to my work, well my life really and since work is about 8 hours a day I want to get that social stimulus from work as well. I love to teach and coach, learning new things, meeting people, finding out about them. These are all aspects that feed and energize me.

Next is area / industry. Here I’m not really sure. I like technology, I like systems and problem solving, troubleshooting. I’m really not too fussy about where I do these things so long as they are present. This leaves a lot of areas for exploration.

I’ve started some of that exploration in the last few years, mountain biking, bike repair/maintenance, instruction, learning to scuba, learning to snowboard, most recently writing more purposefully.

I’m not sure how to put this all together into something, but I’m working on it.


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